Partial discharge monitoring on power cables


Partial discharge monitoring on power cables

A major part of all in-service failures in HV XLPE cables can be attributed to the insulation system of accessories, joints and terminations. Partial discharge (PD) is a common sign of insulation breakdown in power cables and cable accessories, such as joints and terminations, which can eventually result in cost-intensive repairs and prolonged outages.

Partial discharge can be the result of internal weak spots in cable insulation, such as voids, cracks or particles. PD is also caused by damage to cables or to joints and terminations during installation.

With suitable sensors, partial discharge activity can be monitored on a continuous basis during the operating life of the equipment. The terminations and joints of the cable system are typical PD measurement points. Powerful noise suppression and PD source separation algorithms are used to reliably localize harmful partial discharge phenomena in the cable system.

Partial discharge monitoring can also be performed on a temporary basis for cable system commissioning.

Recommended solutions

OMS 800 System

Fixed-installed, continuous partial discharge monitoring


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