Measuring and analyzing the frequency response of rotating machines


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This Application Note describes how to measure and analyze the frequency response on rotating machines. It covers necessary settings and entries in the Primary Test Manager (PTM) as well as suggested connections for the measurement on stator or rotor of a machine. Crucial points are indicated to guarantee a high repeatability and reproducibility. Finally, several examples for failure modes on rotor and stator are given as a guidance for users during their own analysis.

General information
OMICRON electronics GmbH, including all international branch offices, is henceforth referred to as OMICRON.
The product information, specifications, and technical data embodied in this Application Note represent the technical status at the time of writing and are subject to change without prior notice.
We have done our best to ensure that the information given in this Application Note is useful, accurate and entirely reliable. However, OMICRON does not assume responsibility for any inaccuracies which may be present.
OMICRON translates this Application Note from the source language English into a number of other languages. Any translation of this document is undertaken for local requirements, and in the event of a dispute between the English and a non-English version, the English version of this note shall govern.
All rights, including translation, reserved. Reproduction of any kind, for example, photocopying, microfilming, optical character recognition, and/or storage in electronic data processing systems, requires the explicit consent of OMICRON. Reprinting, wholly or partly, is not permitted.

1 Safety instructions
This Application Note may only be used in conjunction with the relevant product manuals which contain all safety instructions. The user is fully responsible for any application that makes use of OMICRON products.
Instructions are always characterized by a  symbol, even if they are included in a safety instruction

2.Using this Document
The FRANEO 800 can be used to assess the integrity of rotating machines. This document guides you through the testing process.
Reading this Application Note alone does not release you from the duty of complying with all national and international safety regulations relevant to working with the FRANEO 800. The regulation EN 50191 “The Erection and Operation of Electrical Test Equipment”, as well as all the applicable regulations for accident prevention in the country and at the site of operation, must be fulfilled

2.1 Operator Qualifications and Safety Standards
Working on high-voltage (HV) devices is extremely dangerous. Measurements must only be carried out by qualified, skilled and authorized personnel. Before starting any work, clearly establish the responsibilities. Personnel receiving training, instructions, directions or education on the measurement setup must be under the constant supervision of an experienced operator while working with the equipment.
The operator is responsible for the safety requirements during the whole test. Before performing tests using high-voltage, read the following:
• Do not perform any test without having carefully read the FRANEO 800 User Manual.
• In particular, read all safety instructions and follow them.
• Do not use the test equipment without a good connection to ground.
The measurement must comply with the relevant national and international safety standards listed below:
• EN 50191 (VDE 0104) “Erection and Operation of Electrical Equipment”.
• EN 50110-1 (VDE 0105 Part 100) “Operation of Electrical Installations”.
• IEEE 510 “Recommended Practices for Safety in High-Voltage and High-Power Testing”.
• LAPG 1710.6 NASA “Electrical Safety”.
Moreover, additional relevant laws and internal safety standards must be followed.
 2.2 Safety Measures
Before starting a measurement, read the safety rules in the FRANEO 800 User Manual and observe the application-specific safety instructions in this Application Note when performing measurements to protect yourself from high-voltage hazards.

2.3 Safety Rules
Before starting a measurement, read the safety rules in the FRANEO 800 User Manual carefully and observe the application-specific safety instructions in this Application Note when performing measurements to protect yourself from high-voltage hazards.
Always observe the five safety rules:
 Disconnect completely.
 Secure against re-connection.
 Verify that the installation is dead.
 Carry out grounding and short-circuiting.
 Provide protection against adjacent live parts.

2.4 Safety Instructions for Connecting the FRANEO 800 to the Test Setup
Death or severe injury will occur if the appropriate safety instructions are not observed.  Never touch any terminal without a visible ground connection.  Always obey the five safety rules and follow the detailed safety instructions in the respective user manual.  Always establish a proper ground connection for the FRANEO 800 and the device under test (for example, the rotating machine).  Beware of nearby parallel systems which are not disconnected. They can induce hazardous loads in floating segments of a substation.  Make sure that all terminals of the rotating machine are completely disconnected.  Always touch the leads and terminals with a grounding hook first

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