Common electrical tests on power transformers


Common electrical tests on power transformers

Regularly performing a range of standard electrical tests has proven an effective way to gain a reliable insight into the operating condition of your transformers and can extend their lifespan. Mechanical changes to windings, contact problems in the tap changer or at other connections, shorted windings/coils, as well as interruptions or short-circuit of parallel lines can all be diagnosed early by using conventional testing methods. Severe and costly damage can be thereby prevented.

These conventional testing methods include measuring a number of parameters, such as the short circuit impedance, transformers ratio, magnetizing current, winding resistance and dynamic winding resistance of the tap changer. With our testing system, you can use a single device to determine all of these parameters in an easy way. Once you have completed the testing, you can also demagnetize the transformer.

We also offer solutions for testing bushing-type current transformers for measurement deviations or phase faults.

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