ENTEC A&T organized successfully the Training course of ‘‘Protection Relay and Secondary circuit” for EVNGENCO 3 Power Service Company (EPS)


ENTEC A&T organized successfully the Training course of ‘‘Protection Relay and Secondary circuit” for EVNGENCO 3 Power Service Company (EPS)

Protection relay plays an important role in the electrical system. It helps detect and quickly isolate faults as required to ensure the safety of people, asset and the stability of the power supply system.

Testing the relay helps Electrical engineers determine its operating status, ensure the accuracy of calculation, adjustment and protection tasks for electrical systems. These testing tasks are currently mainly performed by service divisions of the Power Corporations, Power Transmission companies, Power Generation companies or Electrical Testing Companies.

Understanding and controlling the protection relay system for proper purposes of operation, maintenance, and periodic testing of relays is extremely important, especially with the systems of power plants having a wide range of protection relays provided by many different manufacturers. To integrate their functions and control them requires Electrical engineers to have extensive knowledge and practical operational experience. Therefore, the knowledge related to the protection relay system has always been one of the “hot” topics that have received particular attention from the community of Electrical experts and engineers who have  demand on advanced research and training.

With the desire to provide the best support to our clients, in early this March, ENTEC A&T in cooperation with OMICRON and the Electric Power University (EPU) successfully organized the training course of “Protection Relay and Secondary circuit having the participation of Electrical engineers from EVNGENCO 3 Power Service Company (EPS)

The training course consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: included 10 training sessions lectured by the leading Professors and Doctors from the EPU Faculty of Electrical Technology: Prof. Tran Dinh Long, Ph.D Vu Thi Anh Tho, M.Sc Nguyen Sy Chuong as well as the support from ENTEC A&T’ Technical experts.

The trainees were systemized their knowledge of the protection relay system for generators, motors, transformers and protection relay system for 110 – 500kV substations.  Besides, they were instructed on self-monitoring functions and testing methods of digital relays applied for protection functions (distance, differential, overcurrent, over/ under-voltage, etc.) that several maunfacturers like Siemens, MiCOM, SEL, ABB, and Toshiba have practically tested on SEL 787, SEL451, SEL351 Relays, etc.

Particularly, Part 2 of this course is a 5-day practical testing schedule of protection relay functions at OMICRON Academy in Hong Kong.

Along with OMICRON’ experts, the trainees had opportunity to practise on the flagship testing equipment is CMC 356 and CMC 256plus to test the several functions such as: Distance protection (21), Differential protection (87T, 87B, 87G, 87M, 87L), Directional overcurrent protection (67/67N), Stator and rotor earth fault protection (64G, 64R), Reverse power protection (32R), Load unbalance protection (46), Loss of field protection (40), Out of step protection (78), Power swing blocking (68), Frequency protection (81O, 81U), Overcurrent protection (50/51), over/ undervoltage protection (27/59), Synchronism Check (25) of some popular providers’ relays


The training finished with positive feedback from the participants about the course’s results. It was a good opportunity that the trainees can work with and learn from the local/ foreign experts, furthermore to experience many advanced technology products and enhance their knowledge and skill.

In conclusion, we hope that there would be more similar events to be organized where we can communicate and interact further with the clients.

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